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The Essence of a Digital Hub

September 30, 2017

BY now, you’ve probably heard of the Tegas Digital Innovation Hub (TDIH), which aims to turn Kuching into a centre for start-ups, technology and innovation together with incubation centre iCube Innovation, and Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre’s (MaGIC) co-working space at Borneo 744.


But have you ever wondered what a ‘digital hub’ really is?


A digital hub can be described as a focal point or centre of technologically-driven activities, usually equipped with shared workspaces and technical facilities that foster innovation, creativity and collaboration.


Many countries are setting up digital hubs to take advantage of the benefits they could bring into their respective economies, including job creation, business growth, talent development, exposure to the global market and enrichment of their own digital ecosystem.


Last April, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) launched the Malaysia Digital Hub as part of the country’s Year of Internet Economy initiative to boost digital economy contribution to our nation’s gross domestic product up to 20 per cent by 2020 and become a hub for tech start-ups.


However, for digital hubs to flourish, an article from the Standard Social Innovation Review outlined four dimensions that can be used to measure their feasibility and limitations, namely their ability to build collaborative communities; attract diverse members; facilitate creativity and collaboration within physical and digital spaces; and localise global entrepreneurial culture.


So, if you’re hungry for a chance to work with people from different fields and come up with innovative tech products and services, then a digital hub like TDIH would be a good place to start.

The precursor to the upcoming Digital Village at Sama Jaya, TDIH intends to serve as a platform to nurture talents, support entrepreneurs and create innovators for Sarawak.


Managed by Tabung Ekonomi Gagasan Anak Bumiputera Sarawak (Tegas) and located at Icom Square, the hub occupies an area of 5,100 square feet complete with high-speed broadband connectivity of up to 100Mbps, co-working space, conference room, event space, mixed reality corner, sky booth, sound production room, 3D printing, pantry and chill area.


It also offers start-ups the opportunity for expansion, funding and facilitation opportunities, entrepreneurial-friendly ecosystem and talent development programmes.


To further enrich the hub’s ecosystem, Tegas is collaborating with various strategic partners including Shell, MaGIC, SME Corp, Swinburne and Media Prima Labs for its #InnovateSarawak campaign that aims to promote creativity and innovation, as well as provide growth opportunities for start-ups through strategic collaborations.

With plans for more hubs similar to TDIH to be established across Sarawak, young Sarawakians like you, whether from urban and rural areas, will be able to innovate and create new products and services that can contribute to your home state and even the world over.


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Source : The Borneo Post Online

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